I suppose, ironically, a post about not using disclaimers serves as a disclaimer in and of itself. Screaming “there aren’t disclaimers about this topic” does, after all, warn people that ‘this topic’ is going to arise, and arise prominently. Let this, therefore, serve as your one and only warning — THIS IS A CHRISTIAN BLOG AND I WILL NOT APOLOGISE FOR IT.

This blog will always be personal. That means that everything I write will be my thoughts, my views, and my opinions. Sometimes it’ll be deep, Holy Spirit inspired, profound thoughts; sometimes it will just be me ranting about a television show and why the script writers are idiots.

I thought about separating my blog into segments — Christian and non. I certainly do intend on having a category called ‘The Road Less Travelled’ for posts that have mainly to do with my Christian journey. However, what about the rest? How do I differentiate between rants on Christian songs, rants about non-Christian songs from a Christian perspective, and rants about songs without anything to do with Christ?

I have non-Christian friends reading this blog, after all, and I’m certain that not all who stumble across Hope Studded Uncertainty will be fellow brothers and sisters. What do I do? Do I tiptoe around the subjects, include giant ‘Warning — Christian Post Ahead’ signs before each post? Or do I not bother, and hope nobody gets offended? I sat down to think about it — truly, fully, think about it — and came to a conclusion.

People, I think, get offended for one of two main reasons.

The first is because what is said isn’t true.

The second is because what is said is true.

Let’s begin with the second. If I speak truth, and if the truth is received badly, it is not my fault; it’s the other party. Sometimes they get offended because they know it’s the truth, and they don’t want to accept it; other times, they believe that it’s not the truth, and therefore get upset at what they deem to be lies. Either way, truth doesn’t change. It’s definitive, not relative (although perception can be relative), and therefore if I speak it, there can be no charges brought against me — and it is not my fault if those reading get feelings hurt.

If what’s being said is false — is a lie — and insults or offends, I will have to answer for it, one day. I will stand before God and explain why I lied. Offence at lies is justified. Offence at what one perceives as lies, is not. Differences can be settled without feelings being hurt, and opposing views can be discussed nicely. It is, therefore, not my fault if offence is taken at lies. It’s my fault for lying, yes, and I will answer to that one day, but the response from the other party isn’t on me.

What is the truth? Well, to quote this guy I know “I am the way, the truth, and the life.” Know who said that?

Jesus. Jesus said it.

Jesus is the truth. The Bible is the inerrant word of God, and therefore also the truth.

Now, can opinions on Jesus and the Bible be wrong? Yes. Goodness yes. I do not claim to know anything, let alone everything. No. That’s not true. I know I’m a sinner. I know Christ saved me. I know I am God’s. Nothing else fully matters besides those three truths (except truths, naturally, about and from God, as written in the Bible). I learn more about God each day, and about the world, and about myself. Sometimes these things are things that aren’t right, and God has to ‘unteach’ them. Sometimes they’re things that are right, and God solidifies them over time.

So, I’m back to the start. This blog is, and always will be, personal. Take away from it what you want, leave the rest. Read, don’t read, agree, disagree… It doesn’t change the fact that I believe what I’m writing; I wouldn’t write it otherwise.

But, hopefully, you take away something from these words, whether it’s because you think I’m right or wrong. Be it the former or the latter, thoughts and opinions are always welcomed; I’ve always loved a good discussion.

Until next time, shalom.