I’ve been away the past few days. My best friend came over Friday night, and I had cell group, so I didn’t have time at night to write a post; she slept over, too, so I spent Saturday with her. We had an event at church that night, so I didn’t have a chance to write then, either.

Yesterday I woke up exhausted, and had a little cheat day because I just could not fight temptation. I went into a chatbox on a forum I write on, and spent some time chatting with someone there. In between, I read the Bible and watched The Shack.

(It was actually a rather interesting movie; I’m not a hundred percent sure on the accuracy of all the theology presented in it, but it was informative and thought-provoking nevertheless. I wouldn’t suggest watching it unless you’re grounded in your faith and Biblical knowledge of Who God is. There were some definite red flags, but also some truth. I’m still trying to mentally process it all.)

That’s a tangent. The point is, I cheated. I did read the Bible and whatnot, but I also spent a couple hours or more chatting with a friend, which I know I shouldn’t have done.

And yet God remained faithful.

Somehow, the conversation moved towards Him, and I got to have an in-depth discussion about the nature of God with said friend. The interesting thing about it is that he asked me questions that I only knew the answer (or part of an answer, in any case) to because of what I’ve been listening to this past week (lots of different apologetics, although mainly Ravi Zacharias and Michael Ramsden).

Honestly, it was the most meaningful conversation (to me) that I’ve ever had with him.

I woke up this morning extremely exhausted. I could feel a spiritual weight on me that hadn’t been there the past few days, and I did nothing today but blunder around, tired. It’s a burden that wasn’t there yesterday (it’s a different kind of tired) and I’ve felt it before; it’s a spiritual attack. I do not think that the enemy likes me talking about God; I know, therefore, I’m on the right track.

Thank God I am not in this alone; thank God I’m not the one fighting the war.

There’s no catalogue today. I didn’t listen or do much except pray.